Bloomsburg Mold Remediation Company (570) 416-2258 Penn Restoration Pros

Bloomsburg Mold Remediation Company (570) 416-2258 Penn Restoration Pros

Penn Restoration Pros
420 Jefferson St
Bloomsburg, PA 17815
(570) 416-2258

Water damage restoration and mold remediation pros. Proudly serving all of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania and surrounding towns.

Storm Damage Cleanup & Restoration

There’s nothing more devastating than the wrath of Mother
Nature. When a storm or flood tears through your home or
business property, the consequences can seem unmanageable.

The bad news is that nature can cause severe damage. The good
news is that it IS 100% reversible!

Our team of committed storm damage pros will respond
immediately to your emergency, utilizing specialized equipment
and seasoned expertise to make it look like nothing even
happened in the first place.

We pride ourselves on tackling any
situation, of any size, cleaning up and restoring to picture

We understand that disaster strikes when we least expect it, and
if the unthinkable occurs at 2am, you shouldn’t have to wait until
8am to find help. We’re at your disposal 24/7, armed and ready to
bring an end to your woes.

Get in touch with the professionals, and let the industry
leaders…save your day!
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